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The Wolves Return: A New Beginning for Yellowstone National Park


by Celia Godkin; Pajama Press, 2017, ISBN 978-1-77278-011-6 Picture Book Ages 6–9 • List Price: $19.95 CAD/$17.95 USD

For more than half a century, there have been no wolves in Yellowstone National Park. Now a howl rings out again: humans have re-introduced two packs to the area. They know that the wolves will affect prey species, like the elk that graze the river valley. What they cannot predict is that these magnificent creatures will change an entire ecosystem, improving biodiversity and altering the very landscape.

The Wolves Return features evocative, full-spread pencil crayon and watercolour illustrations and is further enhanced
by information pages on the wolf in North America that will delight young animal lovers and inquisitive minds.

Click here to download The Wolves Return Teaching Guide.


“…a beautifully and a realistically illustrated picture book. It offers young readers just the right amount of text and back story…”Baker & Taylor’s CATS Meow Staff Pick

Godkin succinctly outlines the species that have enjoyed success as a result of the return of the wolf to Yellowstone… Young readers will enjoy seeing all the animals and plants that now flourish as a result of one change in an ecosystem. Godkin’s illustrations, created with pencil crayon and watercolor, are all two-page spreads and just beautiful.”Ingram News and Reviews for the Youth Librarian

The illustrations are beautifully rendered, moving and evocative. They increase the emotional impact of the words, showing many creatures against the natural backgrounds of the park….The Wolves Return is a handsome book with an uplifting environmental message, one that avoids sounding like a textbook….Highly Recommended.”CM Magazine