HurricaneWritten and illustrated by Celia Godkin
On Resource Link's "Best of 2008" List

Along Florida's coast, people board up their homes and the animals head inland. A hurricane is bearing down on the coast. When it reaches land, howling winds uproots trees and homes with equal ease. A storm surge devastates the town. Then, after the eerie quiet of the hurricane's eye, the winds howl again, toppling structures that had survived the first onslaught and washing away the remains.

Even as the last of the storm dies down, the process of renewal gradually begins. In the face of a massive disaster, the people, the animals, and the land itself will always find a way to survive and triumph once more.

Award-winning author/illustrator Celia Godkin is known for her children's books that explore nature's remarkable ability to renew itself. In this stunning new book, she has chosen the Florida coast to show that even a hurricane's most destructive force is an integral part of a thriving ecosystem.


"Godkin's gentle illustrations–paintings in water-soluble oil on canvas and drawings in ink and watercolor on paper–add luminous grace to this simple look at the effects of violent tropical storms. Handsome and useful." -- School Library Journal

"Beautifully drawn and detailed, "Hurricane!" is a life lesson and an interesting, engaging picture book." -- The Telegram (St. Johns, NL)

"Award winning author Celia Godkin has done it again! . . The detailed description of the phases of the hurricane allows the readers to almost feel and hear the storm itself. . . The illustrations in this book are beautifully presented and provide encouragement for further discussion on every page! Rating: Excellent." -- Resource Links

"As in her previous award-winning book, Fire! The Renewal of a Forest, Godkin explores the cycle of nature in a thoroughly engaging and accessible manner. A must-have for non-fiction collections. Highly Recommended." -- CM Magazine

"Hurricane!' is a beautifully illustrated children's book using a naturalist's approach to describing the effects and impact of a tropical super storm, or hurricane. Wonderful detailed pictures of manatees, birds, opossum, squirrels, shellfish, and mangrove trees are used to educate the reader. . . Such educational approaches are ever more necessary as we observe the increasing effects of global warming, including tropical super storms, or hurricanes." -- Midwest Book Review and Children’s Bookwatch

"Celia Godkin’s Hurricane! is a work of science, powerfully informed by the author’s ecological awareness… Godkin explains how coastal Florida, protected in large part by its resilient mangrove swamps, has adapted to seasonal storms. Implicitly, hurricanes are a disaster only from the vantage of the less adaptive human population."-- Canadian Literature


2009 A Bank Street Books Best Children’s Book of the Year selection.

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